Free Downloadable CBT Resources

Free Downloadable CBT Resources

5 Websites Offering Free Downloadable CBT Resources

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT has become a standard therapeutic practice in the mental health field. CBT uses an action-oriented approach; therefore, the patient contributes immensely to the success of the treatment. With guidance from the facilitator, a patient can recover quicker when involved in the process. One way in which this is ensured is by the use of assignments and self-help material.

Whereas some mental health disorders require a custom approach to treatment, other mild ones can be treated with generalized resources. Several frequently used techniques available online can be downloaded and used as templates. Students, health professionals, and patients can take advantage of them instead of reinventing the wheel. This post highlights clinically-tested and free resources that anyone can benefit from.

Free CBT Online Resources

Worksheets are downloadable templates that you can use to record or fill in the information. While you could use software to record information, the CBT approach recommends using physical worksheets such as PDFs. The following are free and clinically approved websites you can download CBT worksheets.

  1. Think CBT

There are many CBT strategies that Psychotherapists use to treat mental health disorders. With each approach being unique, specific resources are needed to ensure a positive outcome of the techniques used. Think CBT combines most of these resources and categorizes them accordingly for you. You can download them here.  

  • Excel at Life

Self-directed and guided mediation is a standard CBT approach today. As such, there are pre-recorded audio, videos, and text that clients can use with their homework. These resources are easy to use and quite effective when done right. Excel at Life is a highly recommended free website harbouring most of these resources. You can download them here.

  • Psychology Tools

The Psychology Tools website is excellent for many things; for instance, it has tools for Psychotherapists and patients. The website has many tools in different forms. These include; information sheets, guidebooks, exercises, and worksheets. Also, it lets you filter the specific type of resource you are looking for. You can download them here.

  •  Online CBT Resources

This website is for you if you prefer to fill out the worksheet online instead of downloading blank copies. It is designed in such a way that you can fill in the information on the website or download a blank document. The resources are categorized into worksheets and questionnaires. You can download them here.

  •  Deployment Psych

The psychotherapist customised many behavioural techniques used to treat CBT depending on the condition the patient is suffering from. However, there are behavioral techniques, such as habits, that can be used regardless of the condition, especially for the self-directed approach. Deployment Psych has planners, diaries, and other free resources to help with your recovery journey. You can download them here.