Online CBT

Online CBT

I have been offering online CBT sessions via Zoom and Skype for over five years as part of my counselling service. Online CBT is an effective way to treat problems of panic, anxiety, OCD, depression, and relationship issues. I have worked effectively with people from a number of countries and regions around the world.

I am currently charging €10 less per 50 minute meeting, for online appointments than for meetings in my office.

CBT Dublin

A growing body of research is demonstrating the efficacy of online therapy:

Online CBT can be particularly helpful for a number of reasons:

  • You don’t have to travel to my office.
  • I can offer more flexible times and days to meet.
  • It can be used in conjunction with meetings in the office (for some).
  • The meetings are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.
  • You are in the comfort of your own home / office / car / environment.
  • I can meet you in any part of the country / world.
  • The quality of video calling software (I use Zoom) has improved hugely over the last few years to enable high quality of connection (to even more remote areas), and security.
  • We can try out some valuable behaviour activities and experiments that would be very challenging to do in the office. 
  • I can deliver group training workshops online.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, online CBT and counselling meetings have become the safest way to deliver effective therapy. 

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MSc. Psychotherapy, Dip. CBT.
Wexford Street, Dublin 2.

Online Tailored CBT Interventions

€50 for 50 min sessions (10am – 3pm).

€70 for 50 min sessions (From 4pm).

Group Rates available (please enquire).

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